Free power- How to convert an old washing machine into a water powered generator


Ajoutée le 24 janv. 2014

-New Improved model-
WARNING: This video is intended for information purposes only, working with electricity can be dangerous, If you are not qualified, please consult an electrician before attempting any wiring shown in this video.

I've been living off the grid for a few years now, using a converted water powered F&P washing machine motor to generate more than enough power to run all the appliances & hot water I use in my cabin in the woods in Nelson NZ, as well as powering all the tools I use in my workshop. In that time I've saved many thousands of dollars from not having to pay power bills. In this detailed video I'll show you how it's done.

I'm told Whirpool Cabrio and Maytag Bravos use the same type of stator motor for those who can't find this model.



How to rewire an old washing machine motor to generate free power


Ajoutée le 8 août 2013

A detailed step by step guide showing the entire process of rewiring the kelvinator F&P (kelvinator) smartdrive washing machine motor stator to produce free electricity for off-the-grid living. Suitable for most 12 - 30 volt applications. Once rewired, all you need is a way to spin the motor to produce enough power to run the average energy efficient home or supplement a solar powered home. Attach it to a windmill, hydro turbine, water wheel, biogas engine or even a bicycle. The power from the motor will charge a battery bank connected to a 120v or 240v dc-ac inverter to run ordinary household appliances, lights, heating etc. Follow this link to see how to make a water powered generator using this motor This has been powering my house for over 2 years & is still running as strong as the day I built it.

I'm told Whirpool Cabrio and Maytag Bravos use the same type of stator motor for those who can't find this model.



The gravity generator project


Ajoutée le 31 juil. 2013

Well there has been a couple of successful scrap projects so far,so time to try another. This time round,we are making a gravity generator to light the stair's to the workshop. The F&P smartdrive motor seems to make for a great generator,which can opperate at very low RPM's. So we will give it a go,and see where we end up.



Großer Bedini-Generator / Energizer Deutsch


Ajoutée le 11 févr. 2013

This System is only a test from my researchings about the Bedini-System.
I always work on it and try to make it running efficienter and understand the
phenomen of radiant energy.
I will post new results here, so take a look at my newest videos to see the
"updates" of my work.



Bedini based Motor/Generator runs at 20 mA


Ajoutée le 10 nov. 2013

This is a Bedini-based System that is built for running at the lowest current as possible
and for charging itself at the same time.
The Wheel has a weight of 3220 g (7,1 lbs)





Ajoutée le 11 avr. 2014

permanent magnet repulsive piston mechanism. it works without the help of any external supply or source like( electricity,fuel,gas etc). it completely depends on the repulsive force between the 2 magnets and it makes reciprocating motion into rotary motion of the Crank shaft.



Stirling Engine With Magnet Return Stroke And Timelapse Build


Ajoutée le 10 déc. 2013

This Stirling Engine uses neodymium magnets in the displacer and slide piston to control the return stroke of the displacer. A third magnet above the displacer balances the forces to minimize friction in the glass cylinder.

All pistons are made of graphite. The main cylinder is a Pyrex test tube. Engine is machined in brass and aluminum. The base is Corian. The flame uses isopropyl alcohol.

Special thanks to Jan Ridders for sharing his original design and offering constant guidance and suggestions during the build.

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