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Bamboo: The Miracle Plant

In this brief documentary we take a look at some of the incredible properties of bamboo. Bamboo is a miracle plant that can be made into a limitless amount of useful products. Our favorite product of course is ultra soft fabric we use to make our Cariloha apparel and accessories

Bamboo /2008-07-14 /Begin Japanology - Season 1 Ep13 /NHK World Tv 

Bamboo /2014-08-21 Japanology plus /NHK World TV

Bamboo Culture /2014-05-15 /Core Kyoto /NHK World Tv

Bamboo Every Day /2017-04-03 NHK WORLD

TAKENOKO / NHK WORLD TV English - Trails to Tsukiji 

Bamboo and yanang soup keng no mai Lao Cuisine

keng nor mai, Bamboo shoot soup / Lao Food, by chef Pounger

Bamboo, Pyrolysis, Bio-Char & Mycorrhizal Fungi: Nature's Machine to Draw Carbon Down Exponentially

www.co2drawdownsolutions.com Charlotte O'Brien, Director of Bio Bamboo and CO2 Drawdown Solutions, explains how to significantly draw down Carbon from the atmosphere and sequester it as a Bio-Char soil conditioner using Bamboo to fuel Pyrolysis. Adding the Bio-Char to depleted soil fosters the spread of Mycorrhizal fungus in the soil, which in turn creates Glomalin (which sequesters even more Carbon). The enriched soil then produces more biomass which can be processed into more biochar...the result is an exponential carbon draw down!
The process also generates a bevy of marketable bi-products. Video by Maui Causes www.mauicauses.org

 Bamboo & Climate Change PlantNation China

Bamboo: The Miracle Plant


Warka Water - Technology made with bamboo

The bamboo homes of Bali - Elora Hardy / CBS Sunday Morning

Bamboo Boat Moth International (slideshow & video)

Bamboo bikes new trend on the streets of Berlin / AP Archive


"BambooJI1" babaen ni Joi - Bukod nga obra. Nalisensian babaen ti CC BY 3.0 babaen ti Wikimedia Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:BambooJI1.jpg#/media/File:BambooJI1.jpg
"BambooJI1" babaen ni Joi - Bukod nga obra. Nalisensian babaen ti CC BY 3.0


Bamboo is an excellent antidote for the greenhouse gases that are poisoning our planet.  Recent research has discovered that bamboo is much more effective than other plants at absorbing carbon dioxide.  In fact, bamboo takes in almost five times more greenhouses gases than an equivalent stand of trees.  Bamboo then converts the carbon dioxide into carbohydrates, resulting in a release of oxygen.  Bamboo is so effective at this process that it produces thirty-five percent more oxygen than most trees.

The Problem:

 Global warming - caused by high levels of carbon dioxide gases in our atmosphere.

 The Solution (or at least part of the solution)


"Bamboo takes in nearly 5 times the amount of greenhouse gases, and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees, making it an efficient replenisher of fresh air."

 "By encouraging the growth and utilization of bamboo, we can begin to combat global warming."


- Deborah Keesey, Magazine of the American Bamboo Society.